America’s Freedom Coach: Dr. David Phelps 

Father. Dentist. Investor.

David’s life is a wakeup call for a generation of leaders. His “perfect” life as a successful dentist was shattered by his young daughter's, Jenna, life-or-death battle with Leukemia, seizures and liver failure. Forced to reinvent himself and reimagine his life, David’s quest for Freedom led him to question the entire “traditional” model for success championed by society.  

Today, David is a “tough love” coach and straight-shooter. He doesn't hold back. An outspoken critic of the "Traditional Retirement Model", he's 100% anti-traditionalist on life, practice and wealth-building - he definitely does not follow the majority. This book is dedicated to his daughter Jenna, a fighter, a survivor, and leader.  

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"Today, there is a critical window of opportunity to sell your private practice for top dollar - but that window is closing."