Your Practice is Your #1 Asset. How You Transition Will Define Your Financial Legacy.

Why NOW is a key window of opportunity to receive maximum value for your practice - and how to transition on your terms.

  • Are you in the 2nd half of your career with little or no plan for maximizing the sale of your practice?  
  • Are you tired of practicing, but fearful of the unknowns in navigating your exit?
  • Are you uncertain about which type of exit strategy (private buyer, DSO, etc.) would be best for you?  
  • Have you struggled to bring an associate into your practice effectively in the past? 

Featuring Insights From Dentistry's Top Transition Experts 

Dr. David Phelps interviews some of the most respected and successful experts on managing and selling dentistry practices. Their experience and advice will help you improve your business and decide when and to whom it is best to sell to. These experts are not only going to help you plan out your Now but also your Next

Dr. Brady Frank

Author, "Transition Time"

Dr. Dustin Burleson

Founder, Burleson Smiles

Dr. Mike Abernathy

CEO, Summit Practice Solutions

Dr. Paul Goodman


Tim Lott, CPA

Dental Transition Expert

Jerry Jones

Patient Attraction & Retention Expert


This Book Offers Clarity & Insight to Help You:

  • Identify key ways that you can maximize the market value of your practice NOW, before you put your practice on the market. 
  • Choose which type of seller fits your goals and desires.
  • Minimize your risk of getting taken advantage of by large corporate acquisitions.  
  • Transition on your own terms, whether you want to continue practicing dentistry as a non-owner, or hang up the handpiece.  
  • Build your team of advisors to navigate the transition.  

Dr. David Phelps, DDS

From a failed practice sale to America's foremost authority on professional practice Freedom! 

David owned and managed a private dental practice for over 21 years. His daughter's health crisis (leukemia, epilepsy, and a liver transplant at age 12) caused David to make the tough decision to step away from his practice.

Unfortunately, David's first practice sale fell to pieces. 

Forced to retake control of the practice and rebuild from the ashes - David chose to learn from the best experts in the industry. 

Today, David is free from his practice, and is a nationally recognized author and speaker on creating Freedom, building real businesses, and investing in real estate. 

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